BEng in Electrical Power Engineering (Curtin University, Australia)



Electrical and Power Engineering is the application of electronics in to large power devices. The content of this degree programme would mainly involve the study of not only the applications of Electrical Energy, Electrical Energy generation, transmission and distribution but also about how to harness sources of renewable and sustainable energy.

Students are required to mainly focus on the study of Electronic and Electrical devices and circuits along with Mathematics and Computer fundamentals during their first two years of study. With the previous modules offered, the students would then have the ability to gain thorough knowledge in Control Systems, Power Systems Analysis, Renewable Energy principles, Power Systems and Power system protection in their third year in following the degree programme.

In the final year of undergraduate study, the students are to follow Power Electronics and Drives, Electric Power Transmission and Distribution and Instrumentation Control while they carry out their individual project in parallel with the final year course modules which would require thorough knowledge in laboratory work, self study and research abilities.

Students are to complete six months on the job training, under the supervision of professional expertise in the related field before they graduate. This is made to be a compulsory aspect in order to help students to gradually familiarize themselves in the field of Electrical and Power Engineering in the industry by the time they successfully graduate from the degree programme.

Upon graduation, the students would have the opportunity to find employment in reputed companies of the industry that are related to machine manufacturing or companies that are involved in the large scale uses of electrical energy.

G.C.E Advance Level Sri Lanka / London A/L Examinations – 3 Passes including credit pass in Mathematics / Physics in one and the same sitting along with a “pass” at the aptitude test to be conducted by SLIIT.


A semester fee of Rs. 200,000.00/= (All Inclusive) will have to be paid to SLIIT for a period of 4 years. (Please Note that an year comprises of 2 Semesters) and for the third & fourth year an additional fee will have to be paid to the Curtin University

  • Please contact Student Services division for the Curtin University fee of the respective year.