BEng in Civil & Construction Engineering (Curtin University, Australia)


Civil & Construction Engineering involves the application of basic scientific and technological principles to the design and construction of facilities necessary for the welfare of the community. The effective practice of civil engineering demands a strong background in the mathematical and physical sciences, and understanding of the properties of construction materials such as concrete, steel, timber and soils. Also needed is the skill to apply this knowledge to produce design for projects and an understanding of construction methods.

The first two years are primarily concerned with developing basic scientific, mathematical and practical skills. The third year includes applied engineering units in structural analysis and design, materials, geotechnical engineering, construction engineering, hydraulics and professional practice. The final year covers subjects relating to construction management, industrial relations, contract law, cost estimation and finance.

The course includes project work based on laboratory, library and field work, and partial assessment completed through seminars. The students are expected to undergo six months of on the job training within a scheduled period prior to completion of the degree programme.

 Graduates can find employment with consulting engineers, large and medium scale contractors, specialist subcontractors and government authorities. Further down the line, engineers may also establish their own consultancies in their field of expertise and professional competence. Graduate Engineers have skills readily transferable between employers and often find work internationally.



G.C.E Advance Level Sri Lanka / London A/L Examinations – 3 Passes including credit pass in Mathematics / Physics in one and the same sitting along with a “pass” at the aptitude test to be conducted by SLIIT.



A semester fee of Rs. 377,840.00/= (All Inclusive) will have to be paid to SLIIT for a period of 4 years. (Please Note that an year comprises of 2 Semesters) and for the third & fourth year an additional fee will have to be paid to the Curtin University.

  • Please contact Student Services division for the Curtin University fee of the respective year.