BEng in Computer Systems Engineering (Curtin University, Australia)


Computer Systems Engineering depends on Embedded Systems, which are computers embedded into another to control, monitor or improve a system. The course mainly involves the study of embedded computing structures and the practical study of their applications which would enhance the knowledge of students and enable them in developing future information appliances, automotive systems, industrial control and automation systems, communications infrastructure and robotic systems.

As the first two years are mainly concerned in developing basic knowledge in Electronic fundamentals, microcomputer and microprocessor systems, mathematical and practical skills of the students, the third year enhances the knowledge of the first two years by the study of Embedded Systems, Computer Systems and Real-time operating systems.

The final year involves the further study of embedded systems, Microprocessors and Models of Computation, along with a research based project which would require thorough knowledge in laboratory work, self study and research abilities.

On the completion of the course content the students are required to complete six months of on the job training before the successful completion of the degree programme in order to support the students to gradually transfer from academics to the engineering field in the industry under the supervision of professional engineers in reputed companies of the country.

 Computer Systems Engineering being a fast growing area in the field of Engineering has proved its usefulness by using the technology of embedding computers and microprocessors in systems which has in turn created a strong demand for computer engineers across the globe.


G.C.E Advance Level Sri Lanka / London A/L Examinations – 3 Passes including credit pass in Mathematics / Physics in one and the same sitting along with a “pass” at the aptitude test to be conducted by SLIIT.


A semester fee of Rs. 200,000.00/= (All Inclusive) will have to be paid to SLIIT for a period of 4 years. (Please Note that an year comprises of 2 Semesters) and for the third & fourth year an additional fee will have to be paid to the Curtin University

  • Please contact Student Services division for the Curtin University fee of the respective year.