BSc Eng (Hons) in Materials Engineering



Materials engineering is concerned with the design, fabrication and testing of engineering materials. It is a discipline that purely touched by science of materials. Materials engineers invent, develop, study and test on materials, which directly influence technological advancement, improve the quality of human life and impact the ability to overcome environment challenges.

As the history defined by the primary materials used by people such as stone, bronze, iron, plastic, silicon, biomaterials and nanomaterial,it is often new materials that open the door to new technologies, whether they are in civil, chemical, construction, nuclear, aeronautical, mechanical, biomedical, electrical or electronic engineering.

Interests within the programme span the entire materials cycle from mining and refining of raw materials to production and utilization of finished materials and finally to disposal and recycling.

The first two years of the programme are primarily concerned with developing a foundation in mathematics, science, basic engineering sciences and practical skills essential to pursue studies in the field of materials engineering. The final two years deliver subjects with following specialization and related advanced topics:

  • Metallic Materials
  • Polymeric Materials
  • Ceramic Materials
  • Nanomaterial

Students undergo a compulsory six months industrial training at the end of second and third year of study with duration of three month each. The programme develops graduates for careers in research, development, operations, manufacturing, academia and management.

G.C.E Advanced Level 3 passes (Sri Lanka) or 1C and 2D passess (Edexel/Cambridge) in Maths stream including a Credit pass in Mathematics or physics in one and the same sitting and a pass at the aptitude test to be conducted by SLIIT.



A semester fee of Rs. 230,000.00/= ( + Taxes ) will have to be paid to SLIIT for a period of 4 years. (Please Note that an year comprises of 2 Semesters)